Glycolic Peel R550
Brightening Peel R550
Clarifying Peel R550

Complexion Peel R800
Lactic Peel R550
Glutathione Peel R800
Bio Syntha C Peel R600
Gold Standard Retinol
Microneedling R2050
Hand Peel R300
Full Arm R800

Elaine Brennan Peel R6900
Micropeel R1900

Melanostop Tranex Peel R850
Periocular Peels R600

Cosmelan & Dermamelen peel
(Quotation after consultation)

Full Face (Including Peel) R1600
Skin Pen® Microneedling R1900
Microneedling + Oxygen Facial R2450
Microneedling + Fire & Ice Facial R2050

Hair Loss Therapy (Microneedling) R1400
Hair Loss Therapy With PRP R3000
Hair Filler R1800

Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial R1700
HydroFacial R850
Dermaplanning R800
Dermaplanning Upgraded R900
(LED mask + Alginate Mask)
Dermaplanning + Oxygen Facial R2050
The” Glow” Facial R2200
(Fire and Ice + Oxygen Facial)

Fire And Ice Facial R850
Prodigy Peel R1700

Vampire Facial® R3500
Delux Vampire Facial® R4000
Prp With Skin Pen Microneedling
& Mesotherapy
Skin Brightening Iv Infusion
7 Day Post Treatment Home Kit

Quotation after consultation

Peels Underarms R600
Intimate Area R1000

Full Face R5000
Face And Neck R7000
Periocular R4000
Face and Periocular R6200

Total Skin Rejuvenation Treatment
Total Eye Rejuvenation
Details On Enquiry

Treatment for cellulite and stretchmarks as well as body contouring and sculpting

Per Treatment area as R1000
determined at consult

Treatment package R6000
(8 treatments)

Anti-wrinkle injections (Botulinum Toxin A)

Dermal fillers – Cheek augmentation, under eye area and lips

Surgical thread lifts – Full face thread lift, brow lift and neck lift

Intravenous Infusions

Fat lipolysis

Plexr™ – Blepharoplasty, skin tags and mole removal

* The above treatments can only be quoted on after consultation with Dr Naidoo